Serving Patients with Life-limiting Illness


Patients diagnosed with life-limiting illness due to cancer or other such diseases, who have exhausted all possible chances of cure, spend the remaining time of their life at our medical care facility.

Unfortunately, in the case of life-limiting illnesses as it stands today, the regular medical profession has turned into a very expensive affair, causing poor people to sell their lands and all their belongings while looking for curative options. Simultaneously, doctors find it emotionally challenging to reveal the truth to patients and their family members.



Our hospice care team educates them about the progress of the illness, futility of expensive treatment options and provides compassionate nursing, good symptom-control and loving care at their difficult times. Every patient is provided free medical facility and nursing care. This is possible only due to generous donors like you. Please come forward and join your hands with ours in serving humanity in its most difficult times.


Palliative Nursing


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Children's Home


A home for several homeless children. Children are provided proper nourishment and education to help them make an outstanding future. Read more here...



Help Them See

Free Cataracts Operations 

This is part of daily life for people with cataracts. Over 22 million people in India suffer from cataract and over 12 million become blind because of it. Join the SMILE Team to help them see.

In Their Final Days

Cancer and Terminally-ill

Providing free medical services to cancer and terminally-ill patients. Join us, in this service to humanity.







Service to humanity. The two 'smile' shaped crescents come together to take the form of a person, emerging from a lotus flower, the symbol of purity. He reaches out to help and takes care of the needy. The stars and heart are symbolic of the positive energy and love being spread because of SMILE.

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